How to make a car move and follow a road

I made a car model for my gasa4 game and I want it to move across a road but the road isn’t just straight its goes straight then up and then straight again so how could I make the car model follow the road probably making it c frame to parts above the road

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try this: Use an npc, weld it to the car, make in invisible with no face, make a part in workspace and place it where you want the car to go, then put a script in the npc that makes it move to the part that you made it workspace

sorry for late response but I could do this not sure if it’s the best Tho since I could just move the car right? isn’t the npc pointless
also, I’m guessing I would use a c frame right I can’t code at all lol, but I would see frame it to the part on the road where I want the car to go

No what i mean is that since the npc is welded to the car the car will move automatically( unless you want it to move when the player drives it, i dont know )

Ik it would move with the car but like whats the point its like im moving the npc that is welded to the car or just directly moving the car

no I dont want the player to drive it just for the car to move

For example here is an npc going to a certain part in workspace while moving a part that’s welded to it, you could do this with your car too (make sure its unacnhored)

ive made AI cars using this method

Bezier curves could be used.


Really? How “smart” are they?

Could you DM a video of them in action?

hmm i mean it works but its just more complicated

im not sure how to code it though

Oh i meant that they just go in a straight line ( i could add pathfinding but im bad at scripting )

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Which method do you intend to use?

sorry ive been busy trying to find a way to make this work so sorry for late response
but im probally gonna use the npc method were its welded to the car and follows certain parts

they seem a little comlicated im a modeller so i know how to use them in blender is it simalar? or is there a different way to make them in studio then just exporting from blender

There is some easy maths behind bezier curves; I believe that constructing one bezier curve is straightforward, however making multiple can be useful but difficult for someone with little scripting knowledge.
I’m not sure if it’s similar to blender.

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I still feel like its better if I just c frame the car instead of adding an npc into the car model but idk

Including a dummy in your model is an unusual approach.

ye thats what I was thinking
just making the car c frame is berrer

I agree, however this means that if you want to add a new road, for example, you must manually enter the coordinates.

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