How to make a certain player have certain clothing when they join

Hello, I am wondering how to make it so that certain players have certain clothing when they join. how can I do this?

I’ve tried scripting it but it doesn’t work and doesn’t make any errors

I have also looked for other fourms but the only other ones i’ve seen are how to make certain hats



I think, you don’t need a script for that.
You need to rename a model (npc) to “StarterCharacter” and put it into StarterPlayer
In the model, delete the configuration/animations/ModuleScripts FOLDERS if there are any.
(the npc shall have the outfit you want the player to wear when they join!)

that does work but I want CERTAIN players to change. Like lets say builderman joins the game he would spawn with some custom clothing but if another player joins that’s not builderman they wouldn’t change.

I would recommend you using

if plr.UserId == someoneid then
-- here script the rest 
local Game = game
local Players = Game:GetService("Players")
local Whitelist = {1, 2, 3} --List of whitelisted user IDs.

local function OnPlayerAdded(Player)
	local function OnCharacterAdded(Character)
		if not table.find(Whitelist, Player.UserId) then return end
		if not Player:HasAppearanceLoaded() then Player.CharacterAppearanceLoaded:Wait() end
		local Shirt = Character:FindFirstChildOfClass("Shirt") or"Shirt")
		local Pants = Character:FindFirstChildOfClass("Pants") or"Pants")
		Shirt.ShirtTemplate = "rbxassetid://0" --Replace 0 with the shirt's template ID.
		Pants.PantsTemplate = "rbxassetid://0" --Replace 0 with the pant's template ID.
		Shirt.Parent = Character
		Pants.Parent = Character

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