How to make a 'CFrame/Tween' train

Hi everyone, I was thinking about it last night and I’ve come to the conclusion that the roblox chassis system just won’t work for my trains, it can’t do corners and isn’t very realistic. So I decided to try and see about using a CFrame/Tween system with nodes that a part on my train travels to.

Here’s my issue, there aren’t really any tutorials out there for it, just videos of people doing it. What I need, is the basics. How do I get the part (attatched to the train) to move from 1 place to a node, to the next node, to the next node and also how do I get the said part to rotate for the corners. One I understand or have this explained better to me (I’ve done research on dev pages but they aren’t easy to understand). Once I go from there, I feel I’d be able to create and build up a system around those fundementals.

Thanks for any help, I do struggle with this subject so it really is good to hear from people :smiley:

I think this will be of some use as it links further resources you can look at.

Any idea how you can have it so there’s multiple carriages?