How to make a channeled spell, like the starting spell in Skyrim?


I am attempting to replicate the starter spell from Skyrim, flames. For those who don’t know it you basically shoot a cone of flames out of your hand. The issue i am having is with the rotation of the arm. Basically your cone of flame goes where you hand(mouse) goes. Seeing as this spell does damage per second and the position of the hitbox depends on the mouse position the only way i see of replicating this is by firing an event with the mouse position every fraction of a second which I don’t particularly like. I am not sure there is an alternative but I figured it can’t hurt to ask.

Thank you for your time

Do you have a video clip image that would be better

right now it just fires forward from the rootpart, however i want it to be able to fire in any direction

I mean i made it fire in every direction already, however to do it i am firing an event ever half a second, which i feel is a bad idea to be firing an event that often for ever player currently channeling