How to make a Chess Game?

As you all know, Chess is a game enjoyed by all ages, And I want to make a chess game, But I have no where to start.

I want to make a moveable chess piece like this:
robloxapp-20220728-1149127.wmv (778.9 KB)

and make it so it will prevent you from moving your pieces when they are out of moves.

I’ve made a bare bones print script for this:

print("Chess Piece Moving")

print("Chess Piece has stopped")

print("(User)'s Chess Piece has been taken")

This should give you a bare idea on what I want.

use tween service.

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#development-discussion is not the right category; #help-and-feedback:scripting-support is.


Here’s an uncopylocked resource.


No uncopylocked scripts/games. I’m going for a simple game MADE by ME.

Im glad that you wont grab people work, but that is just a jist of what it would be like.

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If you do not want someone to give you the perfect resource to answer every question you could have about making that exact game, then simply do not post on the forum asking for help you will not accept.

Now you have somewhere to start, you should thank them (assuming the resource works, I didn’t look at it outside of the game page).

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