How to make a clipping mask effect on guis

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i just found this Gui in pet simulator were it has a clipping mask effect on the “pets”

i was curious if it is possible to do it or it is just done by images but the image in the game was moving so this must have been a tweening effect so therefor there is a way possible to make a clipping mask effect but i don’t know how to do it

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gotta use images else not possible.

i thought of the same thing but as i said the pets are moving up and down so therefor it probably have a tweening effect on it and if so then there would be a trick to do that clipping mask effect somewhere but idk maybe you’d be right and iam wrong

then yea sorry forget your clipping mask dream its simple not possible unless you make the other thing a image and not the pet whatever.

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OKKKKKKKKKKK i got it here is a picture showing how it works

if it wasnt clear the red thing should be the same color as the main frame and the red thing also should be at 2 zidex so therefor if the “pets” touch the red part it will hide under it thus showing the hiding effect

if there is any improvements suggest


Suggestion: Use ClipDescendants property!
That’s what they use! :smile:

welll i just found a solution…

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the problem with it is that rotated objects dont clip for some reason

If you really need it to have rotated elements to be clip you could probably check out CanvasGroup.

Other than that probably the only way to do it is to rotate the images outside of Roblox (via photoshop, photopea or apps alike), then upload the rotated image

ill look into it thanks so far

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