How to make a colour wheel with darkness customisation

Hi I’d like to make a colour wheel that has darkness controlling too, anyone know how I can do this?

This is not very specific, could please elaborate

I want to make one of these.

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This will probably take much longer but you could create pixels via image button, replace the image with the colors, put a StringValue in each of them with the color’s name spelled correctly. Then you would put a script in ServerScriptService and copy this into it:

local Frame = game.StarterGui.Frame —replace Frame with the name of your frame(this is the frame that has all the color buttons on it)

for I,V in pairs(Frame:GetChildren()) do
    if V:IsA(“ImageButton”) then     

    —code to change something’s color
    local color =“StringValue”).Value))

P.S. My quotations won’t work since I’m on mobile

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Isn’t there an easier way than creating many pixles? Cause I’m looking for complete colour wheel.

There probably is, but could you add like two or three buttons and see if my script works please?

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Why would I test it when it’s not the end goal I’m looking for it’l probably work but not in the way I need it to…

There’s a tutorial on it:
How to Make a COLOR WHEEL | HowToRoblox - YouTube
It includes the darkness too

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Ah thanks I’ll take a look.

What do you mean by It’s not your end goal, I gave you a valid script but it will take awhile

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I’m sorry but I’m not making thousands of pixles.

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