How to make a combat system like Anime Battle Arena

Hello there, I am a pretty basic Scripter and I have been wondering on how to make a good combat system, I have searched far and wide for a combat system that peaks my intrest. Many don’t peak it at all.

That is until I really broke down ABA’S (otherwise known as Anime Battle Arena) Combat. This combat is a really enjoyable and smooth combat, there are really dozens of avenues you can take when trying to use your M1s(Mouse Clicks).

There are things that can be classified as glitches or bugs that just makes the combat more fluid and gives the player freedom of choice. The most basic thing you can do in ABA is use your base combo, your M1 Combo consists of 5 hits, the last one being a knock back/Guard break.

You can either choose to slam them down by jumping and clicking in the air on your 4th M1 which will use the air variant of the last attack you can hold space at the 3rd M1 and bring them into the air which holds another set of things you can do, when in the air you can either slam them down like usual or

you can keep holding space for the duration of the air combo starter and after a slight pause you can Combo them in the air with the first few hits being like your on the ground and then it will end with either a slam or a kick away.
Called by community “Laddering”

There are more things you can do in the combat but you get the gist. Here is a video explaining the combat in a better way than I can

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it seems to me your have the ideas but not the know how.
Know how comes with practise so why not have a go and see how far you can get,
Start as simple as you can and grow into it.