How to make a conveyor with CanCollide set to false?

Hello - I’m making some river rapids for a game, and it would be odd if the water moved fast but the player was unimpacted by the water moving, so I want the water to move the player along wiht the rapids, as they would in real lif.e
But, adding a conveyor poses a problem, since the player can then only awkwardly stand on the conveyer as though they’re walking on the water. Since I’m going to assume most people aren’t Jesus, this isn’t quite what i’m trying to achieve. Putting the conveyor under the water doesn’t seem to work. Any ideas on how to have both water you can swim in, and a working conveyor in the same place?

while true do
script.Parent.Velocity = script.Parent.CFrame.lookVector *40

I think you can try set CanCollide to false, and CanTouch to true

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Placing a colliding part under the water should work without any problems. Make sure it has CanCollide set to true and also make sure it’s Anchored.

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Using Terrain or something else?

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Yeah, I’m using smooth terrain.

How does that work with terrain? Can you show some images/videos?

So nothing’s functioning right now- except the visuals. I’ve only built some of them, but the rapids will be coming from a higher mountain down into a main lake.

I’ve got beams with a river rapids texture ontop, snd
some sound effects

robloxapp-20230223-2307211.wmv (2.2 MB)