How to make a Countdown multiplier faster than 32x?

Hey, ive been making a timer. But it wont go faster than 32x, cuz wait() = wait(0.03) but i need to make it to go faster, can anyone help?

TimerSpeed.Value = TimerSpeed.Value / 2 -- Speeds up timer
while true do
	if Minutes and Seconds and TimerSpeed and Tower and Stages then
		local TotalTime = (Minutes.Value * 60) + Seconds.Value
		for n = TotalTime, 0, -1 do
			TimerTag.Value = string.format("%d:%02d", math.floor(n / 60), n % 60)
			Minutes.Value = math.floor(n / 60)
			Seconds.Value = n % 60
			wait(TimerSpeed.Value) -- heres "wait"

Using the function task.wait() instead of wait() can be up to 2x faster. For more information, check out this topic: Task Library - Now Available!


Don’t use the task library. You are better off using a bindtorender or heartbeat with os.clock for benchmarking time.

Nowhere does OP mention he’s benchmarking, he’s simply making a countdown that can speed up. We don’t need to have millisecond precision for something like this.


If you understood what I said you would know I never mentioned benchmarking. Please learn to code before complaining about a post with a solution.

First of all, you did talk about benchmarking

Second, you complained about a post that already had a solution.
So Don’t Troll

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Like I said before, if you understood my solution you would know what I am talking about. How about we do more research before jumping to conclusions.

I’m not trashing your solution. I am just saying that you DID mention benchmarking

Here is a code to show my solution. This is for a character proxy I wrote to deal with gameplay. This is in an update method which is ran every step like I suggested.

if self.Debounces.HealthRegen <= Clock() and self.Health + .5 <= self.MaxHealth then
			self.Health += .5
			self.Debounces.StaminaRegen = Clock() + 1
			game.ReplicatedStorage.Remotes.Events.Health:FireClient(self.Player, self.Health, self.MaxHealth)
		elseif self.Health + .5 >= self.MaxHealth then
			self.Health = self.MaxHealth
			game.ReplicatedStorage.Remotes.Events.Health:FireClient(self.Player, self.Health, self.MaxHealth)