How to make a custom chat bubble

So I want to implement bubble chat into my game but because I’m using a custom chat and have the Roblox chat disabled, I have to make my own. Currently I have this

local clone = script.ChatMessage:Clone()
local size = game:GetService("TextService"):GetTextSize(filteredMessage, 14, Enum.Font.SourceSans,, 1186))
local Scale = size.Y/1186
clone.Size =, 0, Scale, 0)
clone.TextLabel.Text = filteredMessage
clone.Parent = player.Character.Head:WaitForChild("ChatGui").Bubble

The problem I’m facing here is the text. It sizes the text label perfectly but if I use textScaled then it tries to fit everything on one line. If I don’t then it goes all funny when you zoom out. How do I avoid this issue?