How to make a custom inventory

Hi, I am HunterGK and I am trying to make a custom inventory system for my rpg game inspired by Demon Slayer. I would make a inventory system but I don’t know where or how to start. I want my custom inventory to allow the player select a sword then it weld the sword onto your character then there will be 5 slots where the players can place skills in.

If anyone can explain how to make this, I would appreciate it.

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This may be of use to you


I had a similar problem at one point as well so I think that these articles may help you:

Custom Armor Weldings (via Accessories)
Basic Server-Side Inventory Module

I especially believe that using the built-in accessories will save you a lot of both time and effort because you don’t need to worry about welding or CFrame logic, you just call Humanoid:AddAccessory()

Edit: Whoops wrong link, fixed

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Thank for the video, cause I can make my custom inventory now. Just got to make the system that weld the player’s sword.

I used the Humanoid:AddAccessory() function before but it just don’t work for me. I will check out the two articles you suggested tho.

Thx for your suggestion