How to make a custom private server with TeleportService?

I want to create a system where you can purchase a “private server” in game.
To join your private server, you join the game, and click an in-game GUI that uses teleport service to bring you to a new server with just you.

This method will allow for players to join through a private server ID. Meaning you can share an ID with a friend, and they will be able to enter it in-game and it will teleport them to your server.

The only part I’m confused on is how to make it so that when you get teleported, it puts you in a server that is entirely your own (no other players in the server).

I know this is possible because bloxburg uses it.

If you have any idea how to implement this (or any questions), feel free to let me know!
All responses are appreciated.

I recommend checking this video out
To learn :

To Just get it over with:

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