How To Make a Dark Cave On a Map?

Hello everyone! I’m here with my first thread and my problem while working on my map for a game!
Everyone played games with any kind of caves, dungeons or just dark places, right? Well, I work on a Candy Racing Game with cute and pretty soft lighting. I first met this problem while building a candy mountain cave for a racetrack to go through. The inside of a mountain should be pitch black, considering that I didn’t left any holes or gaps on the ceiling or walls, but there is no darkness. Please help me to achieve the darkness effect without changing my game’s lighting settings! :pleading_face:

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Change your Lighting Technology settings to ShadowMap or Future.


Maybe add a source of lighting that has a dark color, such as a CanCollide false + full transparent part in the center of the cave with a PointLight (color 0, 0, 0 and very high range)

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I tried and… The maximum range is just 60, plus the light didn’t do anything.

Maybe hide some parts in the terrain with shadows on? Other than that, I don’t have any other ideas :frowning:

Please just read my earlier post.

Maybe your cave model just doesn’t cast shadow


Also try to change your outdoor ambient color to black color


Another reason could be that you turned off global shadows


Perhaps you have outdoorambient, ambient or exposurecompensation set high. I suggest playing with those settings as well.

if you dont want to change the lighting of the outside world you can perhaps create a hitbox at the entrance and exit of the cave that if you touch it, it changes the lighting to something more darker so it fits your needs in the cave

It’s a bit hard to tell from your screenshots, but are shadows toggled on? You’re not going to be able to get any differing effects without those on. Roblox doesn’t have any darkness effect at this time, so if the issue isn’t the lack of the shadow setting you’re almost guaranteed to need to change lighting settings. Generally for that kind of split effect you want ambient to be quite dark with brightness and outdoor ambient lighter. Alternately, talk to the scripter for the project and do what the last post said in some form. I know of at least one game with scripted region-based lighting changes, so it’s definitely possible.

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