How to make a developer products using scripts?

Ive seen some games do this but I dont know how they do it. If I’m too vague I’m trying to say how do some games prompt a purchase with any price in robux. For example in phantom forces you can buy any amount of cases you want and either buy them with the in games currency (credits) or pay for it in Robux and that Robux price adjusts to the amount of cases you want to buy.



I don’t think that’s possible. Unless you’re talking about doing it manually, which can be figured out here.

Then how do games like phantom forces do this?

It might have several dev products ID’s for specific amount of crates. Could you verify if it locks at a certain # of crates you can buy, if it does then they probably have several dev products.

…phantom forces literally does what I said
It’s not special…

Why giving a youtube tutorial when roblox itself explain how Developers Products work…
Also, there is a topic where some devs talk about updating dev product in game with a Web Api

Yeah, if you can really buy an unlimited number of cases, they probably find a good way for constantly update their developers product or create a new one when a player is buying cases.
Also, if cases number are limited, they probably already created all product for each amounts of cases.

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It does at prices above 10k robux. If so that would be ABSURD amount of time to create all of those dev products.

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well they are a team of developers and the game has been around for years, I don’t think it would be impossible for it to be the case. I don’t believe there is a way to adjust a dev product’s price with a specific number of crates/currency since prompt purchases use a specific dev product ID. The price is grabbed from the website’s API, which can not be changed and would cause a lot of issues if you could actually change it. If changeable price dev products existed it would be a completely different system from dev products.

Creating a lot of devs product like that should take a day or two max… You overeact by saying “ABSURD amount of time” xD
If the max robux is 10k and all cases cost 5Robux that mean they created 2000 devs products.

I just read about it on another post, and a user mentioned that phantom forces used bots to create several developer products. So if you wanted to do custom amounts you would have to create a lot of them, which you could lock at a certain amount. i.e. 25 crates max