How to make a dropper that drops a model

Okay yes, I know, maybe one of the most dumbest question, but I’ve been searching for a while and I can’t find an answer, so this is my last hope. How do I make a dropper that drops a model? I’ve seen it be done with one block, and with meshes, but never with a model. Any help is appreciated!

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Probably requires you to do this:

  • Model needs to be welded to the root; assume you’re using WeldConstraints.
  • Unanchor the model, save the model in a proper storage.
  • Clone the model.
  • Model:SetPrimaryPartCFrame() to move.
  • Parent the model.

First you need a model that has been welded together. Each part has to be unanchored and will fall apart if they aren’t welded. You then must clone the model from somewhere and have it freefall from the location you want it to. It works the same way but instead of creating a part, you have to clone a model and position it.

If you’re welding parts to a root, there’s no point in using SetPrimaryPartCFrame. Set the CFrame of the root and the other parts will move relative to the root.

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Oh yeah, you’re right. I totally forgot about that.

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