How To Make A Elevator Like TDS

Hi Im CTG I Want Ask How I Can Make A Elevator Like Tds

Like This


You may use tweenservice. It pretty darn good.

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A working elevator, or something that looks like an elevator but doesn’t move?

i can make it move i just need it count time/player and change map

that not thing i want lol it tds elevator not hotel elevator btw still thank for idea

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You didn’t state any of that in your original post, you just asked a very vague question.
We can’t read your mind, and some of the people here probably don’t know what TDS is.

One of the things about Scripting Support is not to ask someone to write you a script. Please try making your own script. Then if you have issues with it come and ask for help here and someone will gladly help you out.

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Well Ima Send My Script Rn Here Actully I Have Remake A Free Model To Make It Become TDS Elevator But The Time Count Is Rly Bug

Im Just Try Everyone Lol Well Ima Post My Script Rn

Also I Thought I Can Ask Idea Here Lol Bc Idk Where To Ask

I recommend using welding it all to a PrimaryPart and then using TweenService to Tween the CFrame Down

sorry but i need the system not tween elevator btw still thank also here is my script need help rn: Elevator Time Count Is Bug - #2 by Scottifly

The elevators in TDS descend when it’s time to teleport, and you have to use tween service for that. Not only hotel elevators require tween. A tween is for smooth movement or transition.

actully ik that and i have remake a free model but i get a trouble in time so if can u can help me Elevator Time Count Is Bug - #2 by Scottifly