How to make a fade color due to the player position

Hey developers i want to know if someone can explain to me how to make this :

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The Simplest way to to have a set of Parts Named after a specific set of numbers, and to have them tween that specific times.

You can then have a system where when you press a new option, you can cancel the Tween and and start the next transition.

The Color is slightly more complicated than that, you would need to create a ordered list of Colors you want the Color to Tween through, and then have them tween to all Parts using a for loop under a set time.

To set a speed, you would need to check what percentage the Bar is on the UI which would be the current amount divided by the Full amount, where you can then set the speed accordingly by maybe multiplying that value a certain amount.
If you wanted to, you have a value to be typed in where you can set the speed via typing in a number.

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But how can i get the player position and make the rgb color sync on the glowstick ?

It looks like the they are in some sort of sine wave

So I am going to guess the equation is something like


you can modify it but it is like (sine({distance from origin})+1)*halfmaxbrightness

for me to break it down sine is a wave pattern that repeats

distance from origin can be something like (playerposition-randomvector).Magnitude
the magnitude part is to get the distance from randomvector
the +1 is to make it from a range from -1 to 1 into 0 to 2
you can probably guess what halfmaxbrightness means

EDIT:I forgot to include runservice

use something like this script assuming it was put in starter character


I made this script on my phone but using runservice you can loop through every player and apply it to their character if they have one.

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