How to make a fake prompt (not malicious)

I’d like to use the default roblox prompt for gamepasses but instead of it uses the in game currency to purchase somethung

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Well you would have to make a GUI just like that.
Then script it so when they purchase it it gives you whatever.

Theres no way to actually prompt that unless its for gamepass, Dev products, ETC.
So you are just going to have to try and re-make a GUI that looks like the prompt

Simply look at the default ROBLOX Buy Prompt.

You will need to make it appear, and then tween into the middle of the screen. The button option shouldn’t be hard either.

Good luck!

local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer

local function displayFakePrompt(message)
print("Fake Prompt: " … message)


displayFakePrompt(“How are you today?”)

displayFakePrompt(“I’m good, thank you!”)

thanx to chatgpt
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