How To Make A Finisher

How would I exactly create a finisher? I’ve searched basically everywhere on the Dev Forum and the best I can find is that you’d need something called a Motor6D.

So I read its documentation but don’t really understand it. Please explain what a motor6D is to me and how I’d apply it to making a finisher and if there is a better alternative please let me know.


I’m going to assume that your definition of “finisher” is like a finishing move.

Just imagine a Motor6D as one of your joints (like your lower arm joint / elbow and they really are supposed to be Roblox avatar joints). Basically, you need Motor6Ds like you need joints in real life to move your limbs. Not really that experienced with Motor6Ds; only thing I really know how to use them for is Ragdolling.

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So to move a Motor6D I have to script it?

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Not really, Motor6Ds have two parts, Part0 and Part1. Just change the positions of Part0 or Part1 and realign them. You prolly have to script em because your character is constantly using them to move.

I see, but could you provide me an example in code, of an arm moving through a Motor6D because I really want to see how people script these things.

Why would you need Motor6D? They’re used to animate parts from animations. You’re probably looking for CFrames animations.

-- When you want the finisher to take place
local Motor6D =“Motor6D”)
Motor6D.Part0 = a part
Motor6D.Part1 = another part
Motor6D.Part0.Position = pos)
Motor6D.Part1.Position = pos)

If the “finisher” you said refer to some kind of 2 players animation at once. You can probably find something useful in this tutorial


I am currently reading this tutorial and I’ll respond with the results that it has.

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