How to make a frame size based on its contents

In the examples you have shown, the frame changes size along X and Y. I am very confused.

for the note thats what the x automatic size looks like

they dont, play pet simulator x for a minute and you’ll see what i mean

you can clearly see here that its not changing based on the x-y axis

Saying “none” means that you dont want it to scale at all.
The example you are showing scales in X and Y axis.

its not scaling on the X and Y axis but its scaling on the contents size to fit the content perfectly into the frame

It’s changing the X and Y axis sizes based on the contents.

unless if im getting your point wrong its not changing based on the x y axis
heres a showcase from my friend @32_a1

Could you send this frame here to we can see what you did wrong?

Also, I think this should be in #help-and-feedback:art-design-support.

overlay.rbxm (9.6 KB)

Anything in 2D space uses the X and Y for scale and position.
Just set the frame’s AutomaticSize property to XY


Unless this isn’t what you want?

this is somewhat like what i want
but if you move the frame it’ll change the size with that too
theres where it becomes a problem

The frame inside the parent, or the parent itself?

not fully sure what you mean but heres a showcase of why i cant use automatic size
also im moving the frame it changes the frames size making something that wouldnt be ideal

let alone the already massive size from using the x - y axis property

Im not sure on how i can make a script automaticlly calculate a size for the frame based on the contents

Oh I see, you might want a custom automatic sizing script which calculates if the absolutesize of x or y is bigger than x or y, then resize.


A hacky way to do this is to always set the position in a fixed position constantly.

some what like what i want to make

i dont want it to add the x - y axis into the calculation only the size of the contents

Nah, you can just check if a child’s x or y is bigger and then resize the x or y of the parent

ohhh, i see
though im not fully sure on how to make it, i’ll try to make it

UiListLayout will only apply to elements directly under its parent. Since these TextLabels do not share same parent, it will not apply to it.