How to make a game update GUI?

I would want to make my game updates not be applied to the game upon launch, but instead optionally (as no upgrade is bugless) in a in-game upgrade GUI, with a “Check for Updates”, “Continue” and “Upgrade patch notes”. It would work like this:

  1. The game visible on Roblox would be ONLY the upgrade GUI, not the game.
  2. When you skip the upgrade to the latest version (let’s say V0.4.3), it would send you to a place with the version you’re “currently on” (V0.2.1), while if you upgraded, it would send you to the V0.4.3 place. This would allow people to postpone an update if they don’t like the new features listed in the patch notes, or are afraid of bugs, and would give the developers more control over updates. If an upgrade is deemed to be mandatory, there would be no “continue” button but would have to upgrade, and as a failsafe option, the place with the older version would be deleted.
  3. Version places wouldn’t be listed on Roblox and you would have to be teleported to them.
    How do you achieve that? I want to make a Roblox game but without instant updates and with letting users pick to use the old version if they are not satisfied with new features, like with games outside Roblox, but on Roblox. I like Roblox and the features it provides (free servers, an engine, an tool for creating games (Roblox Studio), and more), so I won’t be making games outside Roblox for the time being. Where do I start if I want to have a more flexible version control with multiple versions, as Roblox provides a rollback tool, but then you would force everyone to use the old one and people satisfied with the new update would not be happy, and also the in-game update, you can have more control over optional BETAs, etc.

This kind of workflow doesn’t work for a Roblox environment. You will most likely encounter consistency and support issues. You can’t really do this either unless you manually maintain versions of your place; sending a player to a server and having it use a specific version of the game is not possible. Finally, you cannot delete places.

So the answer here: how? You don’t. Not unless you’re willing to break your back to manually create a new place every time you make an update or patch for your game and update your hub world to allow players to choose which version of the place to join. If that’s what you seek, then the answer here is very simple. You can hard code all of this and adopt the core concept that this is in essence just a teleport Gui.


The way that most developers handle this issue is by having a separate public testing game.

I’m not quite sure why exactly you would want players to stay on an outdated version of your game, especially if it has bugs and missing features that would drive people away from your game.

The only way that I could think that it might work is if you have a client occupying every server for every version, or if you have separate games for every version of the game, but that would be messy and likely a rather underused feature.

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