How to make a GFX!

Greetings Developers :wave:

Today I will show you how to make a GFX.

Step 0


Open Roblox studio and make sure you have the load character plugin, search it up in the toolbox under the plugin section. Using this plugin import the character(s) of your choice. This tutorial is R6 only so import them as R6 and spawn at origin.


Then export them by pressing export selection. Export the whole character first, this is for the texture, then export just the accessories and hair.

Step 1


Since we’re making our GFX in R6, make sure to download this R6 rig PaintRigV3 and load it up in Blender. At the top, there will be a file button near the nodes so import your texture file there. Then import the obj. file for the hair and accessories and position it on the character. After this pose and add light. Then, when exporting make the background transparent and use render engine Cycles if you have a higher-end computer and want more details. Use Eevee if you have a lower-end computer like me. After this export in whatever dimensions you would like but I recommend 500x500 for a profile picture or icon.

Step 2


If you have photoshop, I would use that. If not I recommend Photopea or Pixlr which are free. Once in your program of choice import your render. Then add effects and customize the background with the amazing tools at your disposal. Make sure to add a watermark so no one steals your work.

Thanks for reading. Make sure to upload your GFX that you made using this tutorial below with a watermark. Also please tell me how I can improve this tutorial because it’s kind of rushed.


Would be a bit easier, if there’s a video at least.


Im on my phone rn on vacation when I get back I will add pictures


This really doesn’t help very much, no images, no nothing. You should include images + step to step processes. As someone who knows how to make GFX, this is a tutorial I would not recommend to a beginner.


read this charrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


To be honest I’ve always wanted to know how to do GFX. I must agree a video would help a lot of people.


will definitely add those soon thanks for the feedback