How to make a Ghost/Dead System


So I’ve been making a game but a problem I am facing is the ghost system.
Basically, when a player dies I want them to not like truly “fall apart die”, but instead become invisible instead. Whenever I’ve tried this, though, it either throws an error, doesn’t make them invisible, or make me stuck and wait a couple seconds before just respawning normally. I’ve set respawn time to 0 but sometimes it still waits.

If anyone can help me, then that would be greatly appreciated.

You need to make your own respawn system. Disable auto respawn, and respawn players in a server script.

How do I disable auto-respawn?

never really done anything like this lol

Go to Players in the Explorer and disable CharacterAutoLoads. You’ll have to use Player:LoadCharacter() for whenever a player spawns after doing this.

yeah i’m pretty sure I got this working correctly
thanks to yall who helped

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