How to make a glory kill?


I’m trying to make a DBNO/Down system like in Criminality and i have no idea how to make it.

I want it so each weapon has a unique glory kill.

There should also be a specific button to press, like F to finish off a player.

Like this.

Also i will be using The FE melee kit (2021).

Please help me. I wanted to add this feature for so long i could not find any tutorials so this is my last chance. So please help me.



If you want something like that you will most likely have to

  1. Figure out how to make it on your own
  2. Pay a dev to create and implement it for you

I tried finding some tutorials or / a premade pack. No dice

Good luck!

This might seem like a daunting task at first, but let’s go over the steps to do it!

  • Track the item the player is using, in what way is up to you.
  • Track which enemy is being killed.
    • This can be done through tracking the mouse position or checking who damaged them
  • Track when the proper key is pressed (F in this case)
  • Play the animation and damage the player!

Hope this helped.


I made something like this a while back for the fun of it. Basically;

  • Have a remote event that fires when the key bind is pressed
  • Have a script that listens for that event, and checks for nearby players that have an attribute, i.e. “knocked_down”
  • Have a module script in the weapon with a function that the previous script will run when a target is found

Here’s an example;

--Server script
local Players = game:GetService("Players");
local ReplicatedStorage = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage");
local executeEvent = ReplicatedStorage.Execute; --Name this whatever, execute is just what I used at the time

function getNearestPlayer(executingChar)
	local maxDist = 15; --This is the radius that you can execute someone.
	local target;
	for _, plr in next, Players:GetPlayers() do
		local char = plr.Character;
		local hum = char:FindFirstChildOfClass("Humanoid");
		local dist = (executingChar.PrimaryPart.Position - char.PrimaryPart.Position).Magnitude;
		if hum.Health > 0 and char:GetAttribute("knocked_down") and dist < maxDist then
			--Make sure the target's alive, has the knocked_down attribute, and is close enough.
			maxDist = dist;
			target = char;
	return target;

function onExecuteRequest(plr)
	local char = plr.Character;
	local hum = char:FindFirstChildOfClass("Humanoid");
	local weapon = char:FindFirstChildOfClass("Tool");

	local target = getNearestPlayer(plr);
	if target and hum.Health > 0 and weapon then
		local config = require(weapon:FindFirstChild("Config"));
		if config and config.execute then --Checks for a config, and if it has an execute function
			config.execute(char, target);

--Module script
local tool = script.Parent;
local executeAnim = tool.execute_anim_here;

local Config = {};

function Config.execute(user, target)
	local userHum = user:FindFirstChildOfClass("Humanoid");
	local targetHum = user:FindFirstChildOfClass("Humanoid");
	local animTrack = userHum:LoadAnimation(executeAnim);
	wait(1); --This is just a delay to let the animation play, you could also use animTrack.KeyframeReached
	targetHum.Health = 0;

return Config;

You didn’t even give him any ideas on how to make it himself. No code, no inspiration, not even a direction to go in, you kinda just said ‘make it yourself, good luck bro’


Not any help dude. Please only post if you can help me.

Also that was pretty good advice

I would reccomend having a downed bool value in the Humanoid, and once you press F send a raycast downwards to see if it hits a player, if the player is considered down, play the animation and the finish

The advice that people are giving you is very good, tell me how it went. I went along with what they said, made it in my own way, and came up with this.

Hey, thanks for telling me, but this was posted almost a year ago, and i probably won’t make a glory kill system, but thanks for the help.

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