How to make a good atmosphere for a game

By atmosphere, I do not mean the atmosphere thing in lighting. What I mean is making the overall mood of your game stronger. What things can I do to strengthen the emotion that I want to portray by my game?


Change the skybox to something that goes well with your game.

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I have been fiddling with skyboxes but when it comes to colors, is there such a thing as too much colors or too few when trying to set a mood


That depends on what it is you want your game to be.

If you want to create a creepy horror game, you should make the map dark in color and make the light sources be a dim, cold white. Sound is a big part of the playing experience and paying attention to it as much as the visual aesthetics of the game is really important.

Squeaking floorboards, wind, leaf rustling, a ticking clock, loud footsteps, light bulb buzzing, door creaking and everything along these lines will make the game feel more realistic, and if done right, make the game feel really creepy too.

If you want your game to feel happy, cheery, and fun, then you should make the map have vibrant and bright colors like yellow, bright green, and so on. And again, the sound is really important.

Cheery and fun background music and bubbly sound effects will make the game feel a lot more fun. It’s hard to explain, but take examples from some of the front page games. You’ll see what I mean.

I wish you the best of luck with your game. :slight_smile:


I made a game based off of the red palette but when i try to do lights like spotlight the only color visible at all is red. Do I need to change the ambience and saturation and stuff of the whole game to be able to make a white light? Or can I do something that still shows a white light but while still maintaining the original red color

Honestly speaking I have no clue what you mean by that. Try playing around with lighting or the spotlights brightness to see if that makes it any better.

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As far as I know… no, I don’t think people notice if your game has colorful skyboxes if they don’t look out of place.
Edit: Idk what you mean by ‘too few colors’ but i’m assuming you mean skyboxes with less detail in them. In my opinion, I think low detail skies don’t go well with games, but again, it’s up to you to decide what goes well with your game and what doesn’t.

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To me, atmosphere covers a broader range than just the color of the game overall. Its a feeling you want to induce in your player, using the sky, fog, coloring, and somewhat buildings help along with the process. Sound can also help create an atmosphere.

In the examples below, if you join, and take in the colors and the sights, do you feel nothing? Or do you feel a sense of joy, or maybe an ominous feeling; maybe you feel peaceful. Think about what the scenes would look like if they were rainy or gloomy, Or sunny and colorful. Notice how music or the sound of rain or the forest can help immerse the player, which goes along with taking in the atmosphere.

I would also suggest looking at concept art online to get a sense of different emotions created with color, scale and general composure.

Also as a final note I’d like to make clear something that I think some people don’t understand. Is that a detailed build, with a poor atmosphere is usually worse than a simple build with a good atmosphere. Ive seen some younger developers think its all about how much detail they can cram into a wall, or room. Take a look at the below example for a atmospheric “low poly” and smooth example.


Also i highly recommend this: 3D Atmosphere - Roblox

You can change atmosphere color to any colors you want it to be. But must read the “READ ME” Script inside the model. Thank you.