How to make a good distant gun shot sound effect

I want to know a sound effect that could make my gunshots, from a far distance, sound all “echo-like” and cool-feeling, sort of.

I know how to make different sounds depending on distance, but I want to know some good settings to make it sound like this, since I’m not the best with sound effects.

I know, pretty odd video, but I would like to have something similar to that for gun shots in my game.

(0:52 is the most clearest part of the video.)

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If you aren’t looking to source new audio or manipulate audio files off-roblox, you could play around with the new(ish) SoundEffect class.

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Worth noting that, as described by the API page, SoundEffect is an abstract class and it can’t be used in any work. You’re looking specifically to use the inherited classes. They can be found on the sidebar under the Sounds category when using Grouped view.



Yes, and I want to figure out which sound effects would work well so you can make a gun shot sound distant.

I don’t know what kind of distance you’re looking for specifically or how it should sound but for me personally when I think of a distant gun shot I think of it being muffled mainly because most of the gunplay work I’ve done is for indoor environments – does that sound accurate to what you want?

I use EqualizerSoundEffect and set both HighGain and MidGain to low values (-80) so only the deep booming bits of the gun shot can be heard, then turn the volume down so it sounds further off. If you need some kind of echoing, well there’s an EchoSoundEffect there that you can play around with.

I don’t do much sound design but I wonder if this little anecdote will be of any help.


Thank you. It sounds amazing how you had it.