How to make a good portfolio

ooooo, I need it… Buti dont wanna steal Ehem “Copyright?” :eyes:

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DevForum doesn’t support WMV files well, try using an MP4 or FLV.

Anyways, this is a great tutorial however I feel like it’s more of a tutorial on how to make a banner instead of making a good portfolio.

Oh ill stop using roblox’s in-game recorder in studio and probbaly use the one built into my laptop

Yeah, Xbox Game Bar Recorder/OBS/Screencast-O-Matic will work etc.

Really appreciate you man! you helped me a lot, thank you!

You can use it lol, I just made it in like five minutes just so that anybody here can use it.

Can Portfolios for Dev Beginners Create? In the beginning without paying anything, then gradually adding values would that be Ideal or props? @mvagicaI

Thank you so much, this will help me attain an good design :smiley:

Not sure why, but i can’t post on portfolios, could someone help?

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the collaboration category was closed a month ago, now people use the talent hub.

What category do I send it to?

Character limit, don’t mind this.

This is useless now portfolio on Talent hub is worst, no way to contact developer who is hiring and unable to communicate with developers if there profile is privvated

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how do I make a portfolio with the collaboration section gone? I can’t program in CSS or HTML…