How To Make A GUI Become Partially Invisible If They Surpass The Parent (Or Cut The Edges Or Something)

I’m trying to make it so, for example, if I have a Frame, and I create a TextLabel, and The TextLabel is Bigger than the Frame, would I be able to make the part of the TextLabel that’s overlapping the Frame Invisible?

Here’s a better example:

The blue is overlapping the black. The black is the Parent(ImageLabel) And the blue is the Child(ImageLabel). I said “TextLabel” to make it less confusing.
So what I want is to make the Blue that’s on the Outside of the Black invisible, while the rest of it is visible. Maybe Not “Invisible” because it might mess with scripts or something but if that’s the only way then so be it.
Or instead of making parts of it “invisible”, I could chop off pieces of it. If possible.

If none of this is possible please let me know so I can delete this topic.

Have you enabled the ClipsDescendants property?

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No, I didn’t so I enabled it and it worked. Thanks so much!