How to make a Gui pop up for new/first-time players only

Hey there! I need my Tutorial Gui to pop-up for new players only but I can’t figure out how.

I used to use a Bool Value that saved so for new players it would be true and the Tutorial would pop-up and after completing it the Bool would be set to false so it didn’t pop-up again.

But over-time this system broke so I need a new method but I can’t figure out one. Hopefully you can give me some tips and methods on how to do it. :smiley:

How about you check if the player has some sort of data in the game say like if they completed the first mission then youd know they arent, and if they havent completed the very first thing in the game then make the gui pop up, you’ll need to implement a DataStore for this

That’s what I used to use, but this method doesn’t work anymore for some reason.

What do you mean it doesnt work, it is very simple

I’m not sure, I was using a value like I said before and it used to work, I never changed the code but one day it just broke for no reason with no errors.

Well something must have just went wrong or maybe you changed something without knowing it, how about you just make a new BoolValue and just try it out again, I’m sure it will work

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I will and I’ll let you know if it works.

And also when I said detect if they have data I meant like say you have like a mission system this is just an example of course but, say you have a mission system and the player joins and they already have data by completing a certain mission detect if they have data or just if the mission is complete this is just an example scenario of course

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