How to make a gui show what tool killed you

How would I be able to make a gui that shows what tool killed you? For example if the player is killed by a sword then the gui would show “Killed by Sword” or if they were killed by a rocket launcher it says “Killed by Rocket Launcher”. How would I be able to do this?

You can Probably create a tag using an ObjectValue, Assign the Player has the Value, and add Attributes to it, From there you can send it to the Player as a way to tell who they were hit by, So when the Player dies, you can Check the Value, and Attributes and pull them from there

in the damage function of each tool check if the targets health is lower than or equal to 0 and if it is fire a bindable event, sending the tool name and target name.

then make a script that receives the bindable event and creates the gui

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