How to make a GUI stay on the same place for all devices?

Can you please share the fix with us?

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I will be basic for you. I have a plugin named “GUI Rescaler” Works 100% fine for me, simple, select a GUI object, click on plugin and done :slight_smile: Works in-game. I recommend it a lot.


u can also use this plugin [Plugin] Auto Scale for GUIs


Well apparently it doesn’t work (or at least isn’t a good enough solution I’d say), so here are some screenshots:

On studio:


Yes, the size are offset. It’s because as said in @Nova_MrRoyal’s explanation, offset is pixels, which is perfect for me cause I need the containers to be a certain size. Yes those are two frames.

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Try with the pluginI said, and make sure screengui “IgnoreGuiinset” is set to true

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Thanks for the proposition, but I don’t really like relying on plugins for that.
Same for @yeahbror would prefer to fix the issue by myself so I know how to fix it later.

I think that’s a scaling problem. Are you using any Constraints?

No, I do not use any constraints. The closest thing to a constraint that I use are UIGradients.

Is your GUI scaled in scale or in offset? If it is scaled in scale the problem probably is that the GUI gets scaled smaller as the screen size changes. You can see that AVATAR image in the first image is square while the AVATAR image in the second one is skewed a bit.

No, my GUI is scaled in Offset because it looks better.

But how would you explain the fact that the image in the first picture is square and the one in the second picture not? There are only two possible reasons for that:

  • There’s a script that changes the size (what I don’t think)
  • Your screen in studio is smaller than the screen in playtest
    –> The image looks square because the screen is skewed

Exactly. To playtest, I actually join the game so I see if it’s (the GUI) is good to a normal size and not only to the Studio size.

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If the size of the GUI changes with screen size it must be in scale. Can you get me an image of your properties window (of one of the GUIs)?


Well, basically, I want it to stay the same size, a rectangle. If I switch the Size to Scale, it’ll change to something way uglier. apparently it works correctly now

So, now the size in is scale. And that looks like it fixes my problem. I’m kinda disappointed with the container being wider, but we can’t have everything in life.

Marking you as the solution, thanks for the help.

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I feel like this is a needed update because some people might find this helpful:

The container itself was scaled in offset, but the contents of the container were scaled in scale, therefore the avatar got distorted. I recommend the plugin “AutoScale” for this issue. It also has useful functions in its premium version like auto scale.

can you help me with something, what should i do for it to be in the top of the screen and in the middle?
nvm i found out how, i have to change the Scale 2’s first number in position to change the vertical position

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If you are new to creating GUI you can use the plugin Autoscale Lite which will automatically convert your GUI into scale which makes sizing GUI as simple as dragging it and then converting to scale with just the click of a button.


thank you, plugins really come in handy!

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Please avoid reviving dead topics.
Next time, I suggest you create a new one that is focused on your question.

And if you want your UI to be centered, set its X scale to 0.5 and its X offset to -[guisize]. If your GUI is 100 pixels, it would be {0.5, -100}.

Have a good day!