How to make a GUI that fits for all the devices?

Now I watched the video very slowly and clearly
The thing what you have done is that you have just change the size and position to 0 and again resized it. Am I right ?

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No, look send me the size image
Its in properties
It looks like this

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so with the position i copied and pasted it into the size and then you just need to resize the Ui and it should be sized to all players devices

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Oh ok fine, Thankyou for the Solution

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I couldn’t able to understand
Just send me a ss of it
I need to see how it looks

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Thankyou so much @4ny5 , I changed the scrollbar to a normal text label and it worked.

Im happy i could help you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: need anything just make a new topic :+1:

im still confused even if i resize it or change the area, it doesnt look the same on the phone and if i changed it on the phone it will look different on the laptop

Is it a scrolling frame or a normal one ?

First, I also got the same problem like you, this scaling won’t work on scrolling frame but it will work in normal one. Just try to scale it with Auto Scale Lite or do the things which @4ny5 have explained in a video.

Im currently using both a scrolling frame and a normal frame and it works for me
not sure what youre maybe something wrong? :thinking:

Actually, I have added some text boxes and labels inside it, so it didn’t work for me

This is what is looked like when I added some text boxes and labels inside it

Like you told if I take only the scrolling frame and edit it’s scale, it works fine

Now I changed, instead of scrolling frame, I just included a text label

So, I guess no worries for me @4ny5

I said this many times i said i only copied the position and pasted it to the size and then all you need to do is resize it :man_facepalming: but also like you said you added some text lables and text boxes you need to resize them as well just because you resized the frame or the scroll frame its still going to mess up lol so you need to do what i said in the 2 videos and watch til the end because i explain how i do it

I knew that, What are you trying to say

I done that, it doesn’t work @4ny5

it doesnt work for you but it works for me so its just an error by you if you need help add me on discord George1652 and ill help you out