How to make a GUI that fits for all the devices?

Ok fine, Let me just add you over there
Anyways, Thankyou for replying

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its a scrolling fame that I used

OHHH thanks i was confused on what you were doing

I use a plugin called AutoScal lite it is so simple all you do is press unit conversion and scale the position and offset to “scale” here is the plugin:

I have used it @treemaster565
It is not good

That’s how it looks on mobile, how does it look on pc? And seeing that you’re using a scrolling frame, maybe it’s how you positioned it on the scroll frame?

Having experience using scroll frames and putting elements on it, it’s kinda hard. I worked around this by adding a UIGidLayout to the ScrollFrame.

Then you can change the spacing via the UIPadding property, and the size of each textbox via the UISize property.
Both properties are on the top of the properties window for the UIGridLayout so it shouldn’t be hard to find.

Also, if that frame is to show information, I suggest changing the TextBoxes to TextLabels so users can’t type in it.

Any questions? Ask me.