How to make a Guiding Arrow system?


I am currently working on an obby game and I have seen these guide arrows that basically just guide you to the next checkpoint. How could I make a system like that?

The idea to do something like this is Having a BillboardGui with that Arrow in replicated stroage.

Get the checkpoint of the player → Get what checkpoint should be next → clone the BillBoardGui with arrow → Parent it to the checkpoint and enable it. → Destroy BillBoardGui once done using it (tounched) and repeat.

Or make a billboardGui in your playergui with the adornee as a part. The part will tween to the next checkpoint each time you finish. It would look better.

You can. You can achieve this effect in many ways. You could make a nice tween with mine too before Destroying/ Replacing. You could also just use the same BillBoardGui for each arrow. Doesn’t really matter

Could you explain this method a little bit more in detail? I am quite new to scripting. :smile:

For example, make a folder with all the obbies on it with names on them like 1, 2, 3, 4, name their spawns something like “ObbySpawn” and then make a part that gets your current obby level, goes through the folder, finds the obby model, and tweens to the “ObbySpawn” parts position. Whenever you pass a level, it does the same with your new obby level value.

All of my checkpoints are in a folder and named like that for my checkpoint script but I’ve never used a BillboardGui. What do you mean by “tweens to the ObbySpawn parts location”? Like just connects to it?

What we mean by this is an optional step you can do to make it look nicer and more pleasant. Basically when we Say Tween, we reference the TweenService which, a Tween in its rough terms is changing a value over a certain amount of time gradually. For example, instead of changing a value from 0 to 1. A tween, would change the value from 0 to 0.1 to 0.2 to 0.3 etc until it reaches its max value (which in this example is 1). This works for different values too like Vectors which control position. What we are saying is to use a tween for the position of the billboard Gui from the arrow to move from one checkpoint to the next, over a short period of time, rather then instantly teleporting it to the next checkpoint. This is an optional step but it makes the game that more immersive.

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When you reach a checkpoint, the arrow part that contains the gui will tween to the next checkpoint’s position

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