How to make a Gun set into the corner of your screen(?)

I am currently working on a Portal Gun, I need the model to appear in the corner of the screen when equip, when you move around it sways back and forth.

If I’m being honest, I don’t even know where to begin. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.
I’ve looked around for a bit and couldn’t find any information on how to start off with something like this.
When equip, it should like this, following where the camera goes. The model is already rigged, and has some basic animations on it.


Have you tried utilizing viewportframes? Not only will it allow you to adjust the location of the portal gun, but it won’t be affected by physics (as far as I know).


Collisions can be toggled using the CanCollide property. But another thing ViewportFrame has an advantage on is the gun being AlwaysOnTop, so that it does not go behind any parts if you, for example, are standing right in front of a wall.


There’s a disadvantage to modifying models in the ViewportFrame. You should modify the camera instead.


Wow, your skilled at modeling. Thats an amazing portal gun! Anyway, I recommend welding the model on the players arm and animate it so that the players arm is always in view of the screen while in first person.

This is called a ViewModel

knowing that term will likely help you find something that can help you with this more. I would recommend creating a part that will always be at camera.CFrame (update with renderstepped) and then weld the gun’s handle to that part at like,-.8,0)

You can try using the CameraOffset property of a humanoid, and you would offset it base on the size of the model and this method would be much less expensive than @Isosta 's method