How to make a gun with moving bullets

I want to make a gun that van shoot bullets,

How can i make a gun that shoots bullets to your mouse position (Tool)?
The bullet must give damage on touched and dissapear.

I already tried it but i had three problems:

  • The bullet goes down cause the gravity
  • The bullet stops at the beginning once
  • The bullet doesn’t start from the gun barrel but a bit further

Please help me make this gun
Thank you

You can either:

  1. do 1 raycast from the barrel of the gun to the mouse position for hitscan damage
  2. use the Fastcast module. Fastcast has all the advantages of a projectile-based weapon, while avoiding many of the downfalls typical projectile weapons have (laggy bullets, .Touched event not working, etc).
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Hello WhiteCat_Fan,

Thank you for your fast reply!
I will do research on this.