How to make a hammer swing


I am currently working on a new game similar to Speed Run 4

To add more detail we are trying to make swinging hammers, we have the hammer model but we cannot seem to make it swing, we would like it to swing from side to side quite high so players could jump past.


if anyone knows how to help out please tell me!


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you could use weld and constrains to make it in place, and use some body forces and body velocity to make it move and script those body forces, or you could rig and make some animations for this model and play them and change the speed and configuration in a script


BodyAngularVelocity or Angular Velocity would be good for making it but if you want more freedom then rig it like what @comunalti said.


So what you said about holding it in place using welds and stuff, I got that but what I don’t understand is how to add body forces + body velocity and script body forces.

you can read more about this body movers here and also here

with those forces you can make a part, or model move in a certain way, you can change its properties and values to change the speed, rotation and angular velocity, you can use math and vectors to make it move the way you want without working with CFrames, and there also events that you can connect to have a better control when scripting depending on the body mover