How to make a Hat in Blender!

Hello, I’ll be showing you how to create this nice hat you see below:

Watch the tutorial here

Here are all the hotkeys that I use
Shift + A | Add a part
Shift + D | Duplicate
G | To move objects
S | To scale
I | Create another face
E | Extrude
A | Select everything
X | Delete
Ctrl - R | Make a loop cut
F | Fill
U | UV unwrap
alt + left click | Select a circle of vertices/edges/faces
Command | To zoom in and out (ctrl depending if you are on mac or windows)
Shift | To pan around
Click x, y, or z to lock the object to an axis while duplicating, grabbing, or scaling an object.

Thank you for viewing this!


nicetutorial and can u make something like fedora this is like part thing on head