How to make a height system

I want to make a system that you can customize your height in game in ft & in or cm

ik this is a useless system but its cool to mess around with it

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That would be a really easy thing to do to be honest,
I’ll guide you step by step on how to do it

First you’ll want to start by creating a GUI and adding a TextButton and a TextBox to Choose your Height

in the TextBox the player will write their desired height and then click the TextButton to fire a remote event that is located in Replicated Storage with the desired height in the arguments, from there you need to create a Server Script in ServerScriptService to connect to the RemoteEvent firing, and have the first argument as the player and the second as the height, now you wanna make sure the height isn’t too high like 400 for example the max I’d suggest is 2 so you do a check to see if its not higher than 2 and then all you need to change is the BodyHeightScale value under Humanoid in the Player Character, hope this helped you


i am unable to find bodyheightscale

It’s located under the player character humanoid

i just checked and it needs to be r15

Oh in that case, I can’t really help sorry.