How to make a high quality, no distorsion, image of the map?

A game of mine will have a wiki page, on which there will be an interactive map, so it needs to be of good quality. Though with Roblox Studio’s capabilities that is hard to achieve.

All my problems in the best image I’ve been able to get:

For instance, this is the Roblox game Isle’s map, that’s 5x bigger, has better lightning, colors, no distortion, just how a map should look like:

I’d really like to know how that was achieved

Now I’ve tried the birds-eye position, smaller FOV (the bigger problem in that is, smaller FOV = having to zoom out = lower quality), changing rendering settings in the studio to max…

Some time ago I saw one post about a plugin or software that could help with that, but can’t seem to find anything similar to my problem. This is important, as there are many games that need a high-quality image of their big map, making it a wide topic.


I really want to know this too. Some people use an external tool, but idk if thats how this was achieved. These are some things i’ve found so far:
(2) How to generate a minimap | Roblox Studio - YouTube
Widgeon X RoRender Minimap Creator 2019 - YouTube
but i dont think either have shadows

I believe those minimap systems use the ViewportFrame, and then they manipulate the camera in that frame.

This wouldn’t be useful here, as the minimap area that is in these systems is small, so for them, there’s no need to worry about distortion, etc.

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if you trying to upload high quality images of a map maybe this will help How to upload high quality Image Labels to ROBLOX? - #9 by 3rdhoan123