How to make a hole in the ground

Hello! I want to know how to make a hole in the ground with a script. Like in the game Hole Simulator. Things need to be able to fall through. Thank you so much!

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You must use unions to make a hole, here is a tutorial.

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But negated holes in parts won’t let parts fall through. Example:

Separate the union and it will become a part and you can now walk/fall through it. (I am pretty sure.)

Ok. But how do I do it with a script? Because it should be player-triggered and it could be anywhere. How do I do it? I also want to make it shaped like a trench.

Well then if you want it to shaped like a trench, use a part to make a trench. About the script, I can’t give you it since this is a place to learn, not to give out free scripts.

Can you please give me an example? I really need to know how to make the player able to fall into the trench,

As I said, I cannot, unfortunately. It’s against the DevForum ToS.

what am I supposed to learn if I dont even know how to use scripts to do certain things??? Can you add my discord to talk about it then? Discord tag is: Spell Mania#7777

I’m assuming what they do it have the parts in collision groups and then when your hole goes under it, it checks it, then drops it through the main baseplate that your hole is on top of.

Here is some of Roblox’s official documentation, You may find it helpful.

It doesn’t work bc it still cancollide

Think? Duh. You should think more if you want to do advance things, not just copying and pasting scripts.

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Yes, but the thing is, I don’t know where to start. Can anyone tell me what to do?