How to Make a Hyperlink in a TextLabel?

Hello! How would I go about making a hyperlink in a image TextLabel that fires an event when clicked?

:rocket: What do I want to achieve?
Make a hyperlink button in a TextLabel. Here is an example using HTML:

When the client clicks on the blue text, an event will be fired.
I would like to know how to do this in Roblox (if possible)!
An example in Roblox would be a TextLabel with the Text, If you enjoy the game or want to see improvements, give us your feedback! When the client clicks on the text, feedback, a GUI will open showing a feedback menu!

:x: What is the issue?
I have been trying to find a way to make a hyperlink system in Roblox for many purposes. Here are the top ones:

Chat System

For one, I have been trying to make a chat system similar to iMessage. When a user chats a player’s username (that is in the server), the text with the username will turn a certain color and become a hyperlink that leads to the Player’s spot on the Leaderboard.

Go Back a Page

I have been trying to make a TextLabel that says There is no content on this page. Go back.. Go back. would be the hyperlink in this context that leads to the client going back a page.

:white_check_mark: What solutions have you tried so far? I have been trying to find a way to make a hyperlink system, but there are no DevForum posts on the topic. What would be best would be to know the position of the beginning character in a TextLabel's Text property (based on the client’s device), so I can generate a image TextButton with that position.

image TriumphantCreatorX

Try making a text button with no text and background transparency sitting over the text label.

—your code here

Afaik, this makes all the text clickeable, So i would reccomend separating the textlabels and textbuttons based on TextService:GetTextSize.

Hello, @LuaBaseScript!
Thanks for the function, this can be useful! The only issue is that the returning position stays on the bottom-right corner of the text bounds, and not at the last character: