How to make a jetpack?

I am trying to make a jetpack (not a tool, you spawn with it.),

It must be activated when holding space bar and deactivate when release space bar.
To move use WASD.

I made one with bodyforce but when i activate it, i go very fast and after a long time i slow down and go back down.

I Just want it when you hold space bar you jump once and go up without going faster or slower, Just the same speed.
And it must be able to reactivate, do when im falling down and activate it, it must go up and not slowing down or something.

Please help me out of this problem!
Thank you very much!


I think you will need to use BodyVelocity or BodyForce.
You can also search on youtube how to make a jetpack.

If you want a jetpack that just lets you float up at a constant speed, you should use BodyVelocity with high force. You can turn the jetpack off by setting the force for all vectors to 0.

Hello developmentEvents,

I already tried to search that but i can’t find any good tutorial.
Mostly i find Jailbreak jetpack video’s or that kind off stuff.
If you find a good tutorial then you can always send the link!

Thank you for your comment

Hello Somewhat_Unknow,

I want the speed 16 (walkspeed).
And BodyVelocity works like force so it wil slow down at a time. If i lower the speed at 16 then i have this problem again.

Thank you for your comment!

You need to increase the Force and the P to get a more aggressive impulse.

What if i Just don’t increase.tye speed and let IT on walkspeed and Just increase P? What would happen, what Does P do?