How to make a level up system for pets

  1. Hello I’m starting a clicking simulator game and I know how to make everything I’m just not sure how to make a pet leveling up system, where pets can upgraded the clicks value and can just level up I’m just not sure at all how to make a pet leveling system I need help.

  2. I’m just starting on the game so I don’t have any screenshots


at least send an example of how the pets you are making works. But try putting a number value inside the pet and add a script which adds onto that value. I don’t know how experienced you are at scripting but if you ain’t to sure how to do that I could send you some examples.

Can you send me some examples please because right now I got this much and I’m not sure where to put the script and what to type in it[quote=“dynomatree, post:2, topic:1026446, full:true”]

where exactly do you store the pets which the player owns?

The pets are in in a folder called “Pets” and that folder is in Replicated Storage

You can make the different upgraded pets. Use datastores to save the pet levels. When clicks are at a certain amount, the player can upgrade their pet. You replace the pet with the particular upgraded pet version and save the player’s pet level in a datastore. And you load the pet according to the pet level that was stored inside the datastore

Okay thank you for your help! I’ll try that!