How to make a mega city map?

Some racing games have mega maps like GTA 5 and it would be interesting to know how Roblox can support mega maps without lagging and keep the memory footprint low

It really depends on the part density of your map. You can also use meshes to lower part count, but watch out for how many triangles the meshes take up. A large place that has 10k parts wont lag as badly as a small place with 10k parts. Since users with lower end computers are likely on lower graphics not everything is loaded in if its too far away. Of course the way your scripts are made will also impact your game, but if we’re strictly talking about the map as long its low density you should be fine.

Thanks for the reply, sparse map performance should not be a problem. I’ve noticed a lot of network traffic consumption when playing racing games, most likely because the map is loading gradually as I move around. Roblox offers a StreamingEnabled option, wondering if just enabling this is enough or if I need to use my own script to implement dynamic loading of the map

use streaming enabled
fixes everything

Then you get issues where chunks don’t load as you are driving on the road and then you fall through the ground


I personally wouldnt recommend streaming enabled since from what I experienced and tested loading the new chunks create more lag than its worth. I tested with steaming enabled and there isnt even any cars and with it on there are lower frames because of the constant loading and unloading. I think with streaming enabled if you have a very low density map it will help, but if its even semi dense then loading and unloading a section that’s worth 5k parts vs a section that’s worth 500 parts will make a huge difference. So what I’d recommend is if you want to try streamingenabled have your performance stats enabled and look at the frames you get without it and with it while you move around your map to see if its a good option for you. In general I don’t think you’d need to used it, but if you can get it to work right without problems then it could help with lag.

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