How to make a minecraft dungeons like inventory system

i need help making a minecraft dungeons like inventory system “like a armor slot weapon slot bow slot artifacts slot” where u can drag a weapon into the weapon slot and it get equpted for a heavily inspired on minecraft dungeons game

i dont know how coding works or even guis really and i have nobody that can help me with and i heard i could pay someone but i am poor and cant afford anything like that

ive looked for some stuff everywhere but never have i found anyone making a inventory system like in minecraft dungeons

id ngl kinda need like a step by step explenaition bc i dont really know how anything works i only was able to make the cammera and movement out of dungeons and maps that look good

can anyone maybe add me on discord who is willing to help me make a whole system i know i am asking for a lot but i really wanna try and make a game like this bc i havent seen anything like this on the platform and i really enjoy playing minecraft dungeons in my free time