How to make a minimap without pre-rendered images?

As you can see, I got a request from my team’s lead developer to create a minimap today. However, I have no idea how to make one.

I’ve already tried searching and reading a lot of topics here on DevForum but they either

  • A: Use ViewportFrames which don’t support terrain and they can cause lag.
  • B: Use pre-rendered images, the map is not done yet so I don’t have any renders of it.
  • C: Use some external programming language and HttpService which means I would have to rent a server to host that and I only have $20 left on my debit card.

So is there a way to make a minimap in pure Roblox Lua without using pre-rendered images or ViewportFrames?

Found this on youtube, maybe i’ll help

If it doesn’t just search on youtube and you’ll find it eventually

Edit: Wrong link, i changed it

That uses HttpService…

I don’t think it needs a server to use.

Also why do you have to pay the server? Isn’t he the lead developer?

It uses ViewportFrames so I can’t get the terrain to show.

Try just searching on youtube, i’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find one, there are plenty of tutorials in youtube on how to make a minimap, best of luck for you.

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You dont have to pay anything to run the http server, its hosted on your computer, also it doesnt use viewportframes… It creates PNG files that you can then upload as images and the use in a imagelabel. It renders the map in an isometric fashion which is going to be more accurate than a top down view with camera FOV set to < 5. You should really consider it as its very useful and will give you amazing results.

Go here: Minimap Creator [RoRender]