How to make a model float using velocity

I want to make a model float using velocity, what type of velocity should I use? I’m making a hovering vehicle so I would also use this velocity to push it forward to make it drive.
I’m looking for something where I could tell it to go up like 100 SPS (studs per second) and it would keep going up forever.

BodyVelocity will apply linear-velocity (constant velocity) and dismiss the effect of gravity.
The approach I would take is lerping the Velocity to smooth it out, using:

a + (b - a) * m



While the requested key is pressed, lerp it to to the requested Velocity, example:
(, 30, 0)
Once not pressed lerp it back to normal Velocity.

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I advise you to look into BodyMovers, primarily AlignOrientation and AlignPosition, as this would be the most efficient choice.

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Body velocity, when I used it last time, it moved to the requested position, but then moved back, how would I tell it to keep moving in that one direction forever?

Nvm, I’m now going to use VectorForce.