How to make a model that you click on that gives you another model

The title may be confusing but let me explain.

So, I was making a model that looks like this. ( Yes it’s bad but it’s just for a test. )

So I made this all by hand and grouped it together. I have one sperate coffee cup. here is what I did.

I added a tool in ReplicatedStorage and names it ‘cup’ and in that tool I put my model named ‘Coffee Cup’

Btw, heres a pic of what I put in the model located in the pic.
Screenshot 2021-03-31 233517

In the script above says. . .

local equid = game.ReplicatedStorage.Cup:Clone()
equip.Parent = player.Backpack
equip.Name = “Coffee Cup”
for _, two in pairs(equip:GetChildren())do
if two:IsA (“LocalScript”) then
two.Disabled = false

Please help me fix it, or tell me how to achieve this In a different way step by step

Looking forward to your suggestions.

I didn’t really understand what you’re trying to do

ok so that rack has cups on it and I want it were when u click on it you get a cup

Make a tool out of one of the cups, and clone it into the player’s Backpack.

ive already did that Screenshot 2021-04-01 010040

to make a tool you have to put a BasePart called Handle, you cannot put a model or something that is not called “Handle”, it is very important that it does not have an anchor

Call the part of the cup that the player holds ‘Handle’ and make it a direct child of the tool. Unanchor the model and make sure the other parts of the model are welded together. You can weld them together by using a weld script, you can find dozens of those in the toolbox.